Greenpac is Most ASEAN Admired Enterprise at ASEAN Business Award 2010, Hanoi

E50 Association congratulates Ms Susan Chong, CEO, Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd.

Singapore SME, Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd, was awarded the Asean Business Award 2010 for the “Most ASEAN Admired Enterprise” at the lavish award ceremony held on October 27th 2010 in Hanoi, in conjunction with the Hanoi Asean Summit. The company clinched the coveted award for the category of “Corporate Social Responsibility (Small and Medium Enterprise)”, beating two other contenders from Malaysia and Myanmar.

A strong advocate for going green and using fewer resources, Greenpac’s business model is a shining example of corporate social responsibility, or what is commonly known as CSR. The company provides environmentally friendly packaging solutions in Asia, focusing on using green raw materials and sustainable processes in the business value chain. One of its prized raw material, the Oriented Strand Board, for instance, is sourced solely from sustainable pine forests in Europe, to ensure there is no indiscriminate forest logging. Waste is also kept down to a minimum with Greenpac’s customised packaging solutions which are often returnable, recyclable and lightweight, enabling its customers to save on cost as well as green the supply chain. The company’s green efforts did not go unnoticed, and they were recently rewarded with the Singapore Packaging Star Award 2010, under the “Environmentally Sustainable Packaging” category.

Participating in community projects also forms part of Greenpac’s identity.
CEO of Greenpac, Ms Susan Chong, firmly believes that every individual should help to contribute to a caring and inclusive society. To date, the company has hired ex-offenders under the Yellow Ribbon Project, employed a hearing-impaired staff as part of a community project in helping the disabled, as well as subcontracting kitting jobs to Singapore Prisons so that offenders can pick up a job skill and have higher employability when they are out of prison. The company also conducts regular trips to orphanages in ASEAN. The orphans are taught how to export their handmade silk products to countries like Japan and US – important knowledge which allows them to be self-sufficient. In 2009, Greenpac went ahead to sponsor all the packaging needs for Singapore’s Mount Everest Women’s Team. “We are always happy to support events that are meaningful and inspirational to the public, and having the determination to scale the peaks of Mount Everest is definitely one such event,” said Ms Chong.

Winning the Asean Business Award is therefore a pat on the back for Greenpac, who has shown that it is possible for small companies to tread the fine balance between giving generously to the community while maintaining healthy profits. May the company inspire many others to follow in its footsteps in the years ahead.

-Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd Press Release-